Ecology Lawn

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Remember running barefoot through the grass and feeling the cool, dew-covered blades tickling your feet; without concern about pesticides or chemicals?

Ecology-Lawn will make sure you and your children… and their children… can experience that same feeling on your own green and luxurious lawn.

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“Green” is more than just a color these days. “Green” is the bridge between your life and the life of the people, animals and plants that share your environment.

Ecology-Lawn is dedicated to making this idea grow with proven, and totally organic, soil builders, insect control, plant foods and a careful, personal approach.

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Full Sun or full shade? The amount of nutrients your lawn needs depends on many factors, such as soil, weather, grass type, water and mostly… the Sun.

Ecology-Lawn has many successful landscapes in and around Monmouth County, NJ, expansive lawns and small yards. We love to show off our gallery!


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